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The difference between the life you want and your current reality is

an empowered relationship with yourself


I invite you to discover what's possible when you empower your greatness

and actively create the path towards the experiences you crave.


About me.

My name is Austin Walker. I am a life coach. 

A life coach is someone who empowers you to consciously choose whom you want to be in the world and declare what you are willing to create.


As a coach, I invite people to explore the depths of themselves and align to their purpose, desires, and wildest dreams while stepping outside of the limiting beliefs that have them paralyzed in the current circumstance. 


I offer my presence and partnership as a coach to empower living your life in integrity with your desires while forever raising the ceiling of possibility.  ​I invite all opportunities to connect and have powerful conversations about what’s possible.

We’ll partner to overcome fear,
limiting beliefs, and disempowered stories 
to create new possibilities in your life. 

Is RAW Coaching right for you?


In pursuit of something meaningful

and have identified a gap.

Committed to creating a new experience in an area of your life. Perhaps you’re re-inventing yourself to generate new possibilities. Maybe you've decided it's time to live your purpose. 

Regardless, you’re searching for a comfortable solution yet can’t seem to pinpoint what you need through your automatic predictable patterns.

You're stalled, unsure what to do next, or on the brink of a breakdown.

This may feel like a misalignment somewhere in your life. Perhaps you’re stuck in a pattern that isn’t supporting what you want or actively sabotaging the intended outcome.

Experiencing feelings of frustration, resignation, and a belief that you’re capable of creating more.


Creating what you want in life,

because you say so. 

Relating to yourself in a manner that empowers you to be the master of your fate and captain of your soul. 

A committed partnership to invite exploration of your deepest self to empower the manifestation of your outward desires. You’re ready to live life on purpose while jamming to the frequency of your vibe.




Wherever you are today,

we will move forward together.

Coaching is a gateway to possibilities.

Here are some personas that especially
vibe with my coaching style.

Inspired Creators

Creating a new pursuit? Launching a side-hustle? Taking the next step in your business?

I partner with creators in reframing how they relate to themselves to empower forward momentum as they create new possibilities outside of their comfort zone.

Top Achievers in Business

Already highly successful at your job? Explore ways to replicate similar successes at work towards other areas of your life!

I coach to identify which ways of being AKA automatic response mechanisms are supportive in some ares of life while detracting in others. Inviting deliberate presence and intention in all areas of your life

Purpose Seekers

Struggling with Corporate Hangovers? Find youself out of alignment with your "career"? Perhaps feeling a lack of purpose or direction?

Together we'll get present to your desired set of experiences and create a path forward through powerful (and scary) declarations guided by your authentic spirit. 

The last few years have been tough on all of us.

Partnership, connection, and intimacy are essential elements in any relationship - coaching is no different.

You will be accepted, respected, and acknowledged no matter how enter this container.

RAW Coaching offers both virtual and in-person experiences based on your needs.

Kind Words


I really loved how much self-analysis I had to do during our sessions. I’ve realized through the process that I don’t usually self-analyze as thoroughly as I was guided to during our sessions, which was really helpful with regards to understanding my own beliefs and thought processes more, as opposed to just cruising on autopilot all the time without really questioning my beliefs.”​

 - Jeannie | Charlotte, NC

Austin brought positivity and enthusiasm to every session. He was very knowledgable and passionate and took clear stock in helping me focus on areas that we pinpointed to improve my overall happiness, wellbeing, and to help me reach a greater potential. ” 

- Jason | Austin, TX

This kind of coaching is greatness. It allows you to answer to yourself and to break down goals into a plan. The ability to step out and look at yourself from an external view is hugely supportive. If you want to conquer the world, get a coach. Coaching helped me to define my  path and learn who I need to be to continue to walk my path.”​

- Deonte | Nuremberg, Germany

Accountability is something that I have had issues managing. It's always easy to blame something outside myself on why I haven't reached a goal that I have been striving for. Austin created a space to be confident about being clear about the goal I wanted to reach, help me set a personal game-plan, and reinforced personal responsibility to reach my goal."

- Kyle | New York, NY

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If you are ready to explore new possibilities in your life
drop me a line!

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