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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions will not answer what’s possible for you in hiring a coach. This is a reference point to clarify questions about what coaching is and share examples of how it’s worked for others.

If you have questions about partnership and what’s in it for you - we should have a conversation.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a series of conversations focused on addressing the gap in what you want and where you are today.

Coaching is a partnership designed to move people closer to what they want and get curious about what's in the way. If there are no goals or gaps - there is no coaching.

I believe coaching is uniquely valuable because how people show up in one area of their life is generally how they show up everywhere. Fostering awareness brings about new choices. Coaching is an invitation for choice - how do you want to be in life? This is why I refer to my practice as life coaching. 

For additional detail, check out my blog: So, What is Life Coaching?

What can I expect from my Coach?

A coach will not believe the disempowered story that you tell yourself as to why you can't have what you want. A coach is committed to advocate for your greatness and the possibility beyond that - even when you don't see it. I partner with people to bring awareness, clarity, and choice to the questions of who you need to be and what you need to do, in order to create what you want. 


Coaching can include sharing reflections, forward focusing questioning, creating exercises to support the practice of new awareness, building accountability structures, distinguishing automatic responses, along with many other methods based on the individual's need.

How do I know if it’s the right time for coaching?

Nobody I work with needs coaching. They choose a coaching partnership to support the creation of something new in their life while often stepping outside of familiar patterns. 


If you’re willing to explore what’s in the way of you having it all in your life - it’s the right time. Coaching is uncomfortable by design. People choose coaching because of what's available on the other side of predictable.

Who identifies most with RAW coaching?

Coaching partnerships vary greatly depending on individual needs - my intention is to identify what each person uniquely needs to create what they desire in their life. That said, a few personas that I routinely find myself working with include: 

  • People seeking to create a new experience in their life

  • High performers in their career

  • Purpose seekers

How frequently do we meet?

I work with all my clients for an initial 4-month retainer which includes a weekly cadence of  60-minute coaching sessions. Some of my clients choose to connect for spot coaching in between our sessions or share accountability updates throughout the week. 


After the initial four months, we co-create the ongoing support structure that best addresses their specific needs. 

What if I'm interested in coaching?

We should have a conversation and explore what’s possible. 


My commitment is to support anybody considering a coaching relationship to be a 100% hell yeah that coaching is the structure that will support their desires and I am the right coach to partner with them. I only work with new clients who engage in a powerful coaching conversation prior to formalizing a partnership to ensure alignment. 

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